I'm Here Airplane Video Project

Here is the final video! Thanks to all the teachers and classrooms who submitted videos and made this amazing project possible! 

4 Canadian Provinces
15 States
41 Classrooms
14,385 Miles travelled

Project Idea!!
Does anyone want to participate in a paper airplane video project for I'm Here? Inspired by the Jimmy Fallon Subway video, take a video of your class or students catching a paper airplane and then throwing it off camera, to be "caught" by another class. Post your video to Youtube and email me the link, or email your file directly to me nbalcom@gips.org and I'll compile as many as I get, then post the full video here, on Edmodo, and on Youtube.

Catch from the right of the screen (students' left) throw to the left of the screen (students' right). 

Here's the Jimmy Fallon video. Skip to 2 min in for an example: