Our FPU Story

"Financial Peace University changed our lives. We're an average family making decent money, but we were living paycheck to paycheck. We were scared that we'd still be paying off our own student loans when our oldest son went off to college. Every financial problem was a blow to us. We didn't talk about money. But things changed.

We learned that by working together and following Dave's plan we could become masters of our money. We began aiming our dollars where they needed to go and within 14 months of completing Financial Peace University at St. Pauls Lutheran Church we paid off $40,816 in debt!

We're continuing to work through the steps, and teaching our children sound money management as well. Dave says it a lot, but this stuff works! We could never have imagined the feeling of lightness the day we paid off our final debt. Through FPU we're getting Financial Peace. Our lives, and our children's lives have changed for the better. You can do it too!" - Nate Balcom