Twitter Chat Guide

There are a lot of Twitter Chats throughout the week. A Twitter Chat is scheduled for a certain hour on a specific day during the week (though people are always chatting even when it's not the scheduled time). 

To see the "conversations" in a Twitter Chat just enter the Hashtag you want to follow in the search box on Twitter and read the Tweets. Pro tip: click the LATEST button at the top to see the most recent tweets in chronological order.

Chats are my favorite way to learn new and exciting things on Twitter, and you can do most of the learning by just reading and not actually participating in the Chat. This awesome chat schedule is a little intimidating so I've shared a few of my faves here.

Some of my favorite Twitter Chats are: 
#4thchat (A group of all grade elementary teachers that discuss one topic per week, Mondays at 7:00pm CST.)

#tlap (Teach Like a Pirate Chat is hosted by Dave Burgess or his Wife and discusses great ideas for student engagement. This VERY highly attended chat takes place at 8:00pm CST on Mondays.) 

 #nebedchat (Nebraska Educators Chat takes place on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 CST and features discussions by Nebraska teachers and Admins.)

#titletalk (A chat that discusses literacy and reading. Takes place Sunday evenings at 7:00 CST Is led Donalynn Miller author of The Book Whisperer).

#SatChat (For the early risers that like to chat, SatChat begins at 6:30 am CST on Saturday Mornings, it's a fantastic group. If that's too early for you, #SatChatWC  Starts at 9:30 am on Sundays and is the West Coast version of SatChat. 

Twitter Chat Tips:
  • Start by just stalking a chat and reading some of the awesome tweets.
  • Chats are organized in the following way:
    • They usually have 2 people moderating or leading the chat. One person will be greeting everyone who speaks during the Chat. The second person will be providing discussion questions in the following format: 
      • "Q1: What is your name? Where are you from? What do you teach? #tlap"
    • To respond to a question in a chat, you would use the following format, always use an A for an answer and then note the question number you are responding to:
      • "A1 Nate from Nebraska. I'm an Elementary Integration Specialist. Glad to be here tonight! #tlap
  • Just like everything on Twitter, you'll likely miss a lot that goes on during a chat... and that's okay! 
  • It's okay just to search up the the Chat and see what people are saying, even if it's not the chat's actual time.
  • It's also okay to respond to other people's answers during a chat. It is a conversation after all. Often I'll get in a side discussion with other people and end up missing sections of the chat. 
  • Always use the Chat's Hashtag.